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Bob Neitman
Principal Engineer / Project Manager Single
I live in Laguna Niguel, CA and work for Boeing.   Really looking forward to seeing everyone over the 4th of July weekend.  30 years sure went by fast!  Send Bob a MessageSend Bob a Message
Patti Niles
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Profile picture
President/CEO Married 1
I'm currently living in Dallas, TX running one of the largest organ donor programs.  I started this career in Dayton and have moved to Las Vegas, New Mexico and this year (2013) to Dallas.  As a recent empty-nester it's been a fun adventure and I feel very blessed!
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Carolee Watkins (Noonan)
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Genetic Counselor Married 2
Thank you Mimi for finding me - back in Ohio after >20 years in NY and NJ.  Here's my story:
Undergrad in Bio from Marietta College, then back to the Dayton area for 2 years.  Hated sales job, so off to graduate school.  Moved to the Bronx (culture shock) for MS in Human Genetics at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville (just north of the city).  Liked the area and stayed on the east coast in and around Philadelphia and Trenton (NJ).  Successful career as genetic counselor, got another graduate degree at Rider University (Lawrenceville, NJ), got married to a great guy, active in civic organizations in Trenton and the Unitarian Universalist Congregations in Princeton and Washington Crossing (NJ), had 2 kids (Cordelia 5 and Benedict 7). 

Lived far away from grandparents, considered enrolling kids in private schools ($$$) or moving back to the Midwest.  Dan received an offer to become the Digital Record Archivist for OSU -- within 2 months, we'd bought a home and moved to the Village of Riverlea - surrounded by Worthington, Ohio.  A whirlwind move not quite 2 years ago.

Currently, I work for OhioHealth as a prenatal genetic counselor in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, volunteer at First UU Church of Columbus and at Evening Street Elementary School and, like all parents, run around like a nut with my kids.  Dan and I bike commute much of the time and the whole family loves our neighborhood.  Back in Ohio, again.
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Erin O'Brien
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Director, Client Services - Marketing Single
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Annette Hughes (Osborne)
Medical Technologist Married 2
I have been married for 26 years and have 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter. I live on a 10 acre farm (near Cesear's Creek State park) with horses, dairy goats, dogs and cats. Send Annette a MessageSend Annette a Message
Cecilia Foley (Pleiss)
Admissions Director Married 2
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Gail Stachowski (Porumb)
contracting officer Married 2
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Dan Potter
History Teacher Beavercreek H.S. Married 2
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Jack Raper
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Computer Tech Divorced 1

I never knew that many of you who graduated the year I did but for those of you I did here I am. Rebellious and an outcast often referred to as a freak, my desturbing, violent childhood and shyness did not prevent me from enjoying my life or from becoming just as successful as those known back then as jocks. I continue to live a happy life with my only son now 13 in Gold Canyon AZ. Check the band I play with on myspace at Yep I never stopped playing my drums and became a very successful computer nerd.


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Eileen Bourne (Reser)
Gifted Intervention Specialist Married 2

I'm in shock - how can it be time for the 30th?!?  

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