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Craig Lewis
Married 2
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Mary Libbin
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Registered Nurse Married
Hello everyone!  It is great to read about so many of you!

I have been a registered nurse for 31 years.  Most of that time was spent in the Emergency Department at Kettering Medical Center.  I left there in 2001 to work as a travel nurse.  I am presently working my "retirement" job for the federal government and loving every minute of it.

I am married to Gene Culver, FE Class of '76.
Gene will retire in April 2013.  I hope to follow in his footsteps soon!

We spend most of the summer on our boat which is docked on Lake Erie.  We spend our winters in a warmer climate!  

I look forward to attending our reunion!!
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Robin Kindy (Little)
Teacher Married 2
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James Loveless
Physician/Rheumatology Married 3
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Eric Malson
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Musician - pianist Single
Moved back to NYC in 1997 after living in Lisbon, Portugal for four years.  Cobbling together a living as a freelance classical musician--for better or worse, it keeps life interesting.  My first commercially-released CD came out a few years ago, a disc of Brahms songs with tenor Paul Mow.  Luckily, one of my regular gigs takes me back to Europe every summer, so I can revisit my favorite restaurants (oh, yeah... and see some old friends) in Spain and Portugal each year.  I finally created an outlet for my obsession with eating well:  a restaurant blog.  If you're going to be in NYC and want to eat something you've never eaten before, look me up (Facebook is easy--Twitter is good, too).
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Jennifer McFarland (Manson)
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Women's Retail Clothing Store Manager Married 2

We have lived in several states until settling in Ohio since 1987.  We have two grown kids, Our son Christopher is a Sargent in the USMC, and in college for Computer Engineering; he is 25 and our daughter Shannon is a Nursing student, she is 24.  We also have two grandsons; 4yr old Connor and  2 week old Greyson.  We all live in Van Wert, Ohio (2 hrs. North of the Dayton area)  I did a better job of raising a family and moving state to state, than staying in contact with my high school friends, sorry about that.  I hope everyone is living the good life! Hope to attend the next reunion! 

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Mike Martin
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Senior Systems Programmer Married 2
I went to Wright State for 2 years and then to Bowling Green.  Got a job working with computers.  Married and started a family.  Lived in Tennessee for 5 years and now have been living in Cary, NC for 9 years.  My daugter is 20 and it's her second year at NC State.  My son is 17 and is a senior in high school.  If someone knows the secret for slowing down time, let me know! Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Shari Martin
Social worker Single
Hi everyone!  It's been fun to read the updates about your lives.   I often wonder what has happened to many of you! 
I've had a good life.   Went to school for a couple of years in CA, then moved back here to finish at UD.   Have worked in the field of social work and special education most of my life.  After receiving my Masters in Public Health, am now working at a local public health department and as an adjunct professor.  I keep busy with lots of "volunteer"  things   I've always got something to do!   Hoping to make it to the 35th reunion. 
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Jody Maus
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Account manager Married 5
Sorry I missed the 30th I was on vacation with my new wife and our kids. I have 2 of my own and now have 3 others. My son is 17 and a junior at Beavercreek and my daughter is substitute teacher in Columbus. I've worked at Ris Paper in Dayton for almost 26 years now doing the same job as the guys on the show The Office. Look forward to seeing everyone at the next one. Stay healthy and have fun. Send Jody a MessageSend Jody a Message
Mary Beth Kilmer (McBride)
Senior Tech Writer Single 2
I can't believe it's been 30 years! Looking forward to seeing everybody this weekend. Send Mary Beth a MessageSend Mary Beth a Message
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