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Shelly Graham (Cooper)
Respiratory Therapist Committed Relationship 5

See ya Friday night !

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Eric Crane
Profile picture
International School Director Married 5
I live in Casablanca, Morocco with my wife and five daughters.  We often return to the US during the summer, but we won't be making the trip this year.  It looks like I'll need to miss another class reunion.  I wish I could be there.  If any of you are ever in Morocco, please look me up. Send Eric a MessageSend Eric a Message
Tracy Everman (Craven)
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Married 2
I told Tricia there was no way I would be back in the states for our 30th reunion.  Last week our boys were visiting us in Europe.  We were having a great time in Paris.  Then my DH was summoned back to Stuttgart.  Thursday night he was informed that he was to report to Virginia on Monday for a 10 week course.  The boys and I flew back to Ohio on Wednesday.  Now I'm back in the states again until October 1.  Who'd a thunk! Send Tracy a MessageSend Tracy a Message
Sue Underwood (Cupp)
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Administrative Asst. Married 1

Hi everyone!  I guess I am the "Class of 77.5"  I went to summer school after my Jr. year and graduated and went on to Sinclair.  I couldn't wait to get on with my life.  Life is great!  I married a graduate of Northmont Class of '71.  I have a daughter 27 yrs. old who is a Graphic Designer.  I live in Vandalia and work for the Vandalia-Butler Board of Education.  My husband and I love to travel every time I get a break from work.  I still see Sue Weisenforth Kline and Dinah Grierson Krueger almost every week-end!  Great to still be friends after all these years!  I won't be able to make the reunion.  Hope everyone enjoys!

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Michael Dabrowski
Assistant Director, Wright State University Married 2
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Kelly Dean
MS in Educational Technology-Computer Lab Administrator Single Again
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Pat White (Deibert)
Wildlife Biologist Married 1
After finishing a MS at UD, I moved to upstate NY for awhile working as a biologist. Then out to Wyoming to work on my PhD. Only left for a short stint to Utah, then back to WY where I married one of my former students from U of Wyoming. Now working with endangered species - mostly birds but occasionally get to play with the "big boys" - wolves and bears. I have a beautiful 5-year old daughter and a house full of pets (I'm active in dog rescue). Won't be at the reunion as am saving travel times to care for ailing parents. Send Pat a MessageSend Pat a Message
Lynn Stone (DeWine)
Administrative Coordinator 1

It has been so entertaining reading what everyone has been up to for the last 30 years. All in all Fairmont East should be quite pleased with our contributions to society! I graduated from Eastern Kentucky with a business degree. I worked in advertising for 10 years and then made the switch to healthcare working at Good Samaritan Hospital for 5 years and now with Wright State’s Dept. of Emergency Medicine for the last 11 years providing administrative support for faculty, residents and med students. I lived in Xenia during my married years and now live in Centerville. I have a 22-year-old, mentally-challenged son, Ryan, who just finished up with Centerville Schools and now is attending Montgomery County’s MRDD programs.  Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!

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Marie Staddon (Dolphin)
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"Mac" Expert and Dolphin Communicator Married
Gosh, so hard to believe, it really makes my Dad sick when he hears my 30 year reunion is coming! (reminds him of how OLD he is!!). I don't believe we can make it for this one...too many other things going on but you never know...maybe at the spur of the moment it will work out. I know it would be a lot of fun. I have been living in Redondo Beach, California for as long as I lived in Ohio (24 years)...also hard to believe! I have only been married 2.5 years (always been a late bloomer) to another Fairmont East graduate (Mac Dolphin class of 79) who has been my best friend for 27 years! Who'd have thunk it?? We only have 4 legged kids. As you can see by the photo my hair has gotten frizzier over the years and I now wear glasses. If we don't make it to this one we will come to the 35th "low key" reunion!! Have a wonderful time and hope to see you.. Send Marie a MessageSend Marie a Message
Tricia Everman (Doyle)
Finance/Accounting Married 2
Gee, 30 years,  It's hard to believe!  My husband, Jim, and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year in September.  Our sons are Patrick 21 and Brady 19.  Patrick attended Ford Asset training and Raymond Walters College and is currently working at Planet Ford.  Brady is at Sinclair and currently working at Voss BMW. 
Have never left the Kettering area.  The boys attended all the same schools that I did including JE Prass Elementary!
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